Therapeutic Pedicure
Using the latest OPI quality products from the USA

Start with a relaxing foot spa, followed by hard  skin softener a foot rasp is then used to remove the hard skin, foot scrub is applied, foot mask, cuticle work carried out.

Then skin smooth with avocado is applied followed by massage and moisture lotion with soothing botanical extract, finish off with a lacquer plus top coat.   £33

O.P.I. Pedicure
French Pedicure
All of the above with a French finish very sophisticated
Foot spa, cuticle work, massage –file & polish or without polish
De-Lux Pedicure with paraffin wax (1hr 25mins)   
P araffin wax is applied to feet plus all of the of the above               
File & Polish
File & Polish
Toes With French Finish                                     
File Polish & Cuticle work 
Toes With French Finish                                     

**Please bring sandals or suitable footwear when having a  pedicure.
*Free file is given to every manicure and pedicure customer.


The Medi-Pedi is the pedicure that tackles the toughest of hard skin.

If you want to get your baby feet back this is the one for you. This pedicure will also tackle discoloured toe nails; your feet will look and feel fabulous.

Please bring sandals or suitable footwear when having a pedicure.
Free file is given to every manicure and pedicure customer.

Medi-Pedi with Varnish
Callus Peel Pedicure
Excellent for callus removal

Callus Peel with OPI Colour

Strappy sandals and peep toe shoes mean the spotlight is on your feet so have them looking their best by having a Callus Peel. It removes even the toughest of skin leaving your feet feeling brand new! Finish the look off with file, cuticle work, a foot massage and polish from OPI.

Gel Toes

Gel Toes and Pedicure
Gel Toes Only
Gel Removal £10







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