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GUINOT Hydraclean treatment
Hydra Peel

Hydra Peel is a skin rejuvenating treatment with two peeling options that are prescribed based on the client’s beauty goals and level of skin sensitivity.
Guinot has developed a unique new treatment that allows clients with sensitive skin to enjoy the benefits of a cosmetic peel. After just one treatment, complexion is more radiant, luminous and even-toned whilst skin feels softer and smoother. This treatment is available in two different variations that will be prescribed based on the client’s beauty goals and level of skin sensitivity. This cosmetic peel using Phytic Acid is far more comfortable than a medical peel, yet still provides outstanding and instantly visible results.

£60 Launch Offer Price £49 in IN JUNE
*Patch test require min 24hr before treatment.




Time To Relax

A super back neck shoulders massage or full body massage to counteract all the sitting we do....

Most of us are dealing with some kind of postural stress. More often than not stress tends to manifest its self in the neck & shoulders. If you work at a desk possibly more advance forms of stress show upon the lower back & gluteals. Luckily massage can counteract the imbalance caused from sitting.





Tuesdays Only For Offer

Look after your feet this Winter and they will look after you!

Reflexology promotes relaxation and can help you to manage specific health issues. It’s particularly beneficial for the relief of stress and tension. Given that an estimated 75% of all illness seen by doctors is related to stress (American Medical Association) the health benefits of using reflexology to combat stress are clear.

Reflexology can bring your body into balance by focusing on reflex points on the feet that relate to specific areas of the body. Precise massage and pressure techniques help to identify areas that require treatment and then stimulate or relax them as necessary.




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