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Health benefits of using reflexology to combat stress are clear.

Reflexology promotes relaxation and can help you to manage specific health issues. It’s particularly beneficial for the relief of stress and tension. Given that an estimated 75% of all illness seen by doctors is related to stress (American Medical Association) the health benefits of using reflexology to combat stress are clear.

Reflexology can bring your body into balance by focusing on reflex points on the feet that relate to specific areas of the body. Precise massage and pressure techniques help to identify areas that require treatment and then stimulate or relax them as necessary.
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How can you stop frowning or reduce those dreaded lines caused by frowning?
Once again Environ® comes to the rescue with a groundbreaking, scientifically proven formula that when applied to the targeted area assists to smooth and soften frown lines. Frown lines become lighter, muscle tension reduces in the forehead area and deep lines become less prominent. Skin is healthier and more elastic resulting in younger, smoother looking skin.
Only the very best raw materials are used in the formula. Environ’s philosophy to invest in only the best ingredients that really work rather than expensive packaging and marketing.
Environ’s Ionzyme® Focus Frown Serum contains a cocktail of active ingredients that attack the process of wrinkle formation in three different but complimentary ways to ensure incredible, visible results.



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