Hair Removal  

The Energist Permanent Hair Removal System

The treatment permanently reduces unwanted hair. It is painless, safe and non invasive. The system is also gentle on the skin.


Anyone who’s ever suffered the pain inflicted by waxing, the smell of depilatories or the immediate re-growth caused by shaving will be tripping the light fantastic with the latest pulsed light system for hair removal.

The Ultra VPL™ is the next generation in intense pulsed light.  The treatment uses very short pulses of light energy which can be varied in number, length and frequency – hence the name, Variable Pulsed Light – to remove unwanted hair.

Offering a more permanent and effective solution than waxing – and a lot less pain – the Ultra VPL™ makes light work of hair removal. 

The flexibility of the treatment settings means that everyone can get fantastic results.  And it’s fast – treatments can be over in a matter of minutes.

It’s a more advanced technology than standard pulsed light procedures as the micro-pulses that make up each treatment shot can be varied.  By controlling their number, length and frequency, a range of thickness and depths of hair (which varies around the body) on different skin-types can be treated.  The variability maximises the speed and accuracy of the treatment, whilst minimising discomfort.

One final thing – it’s not just for the ladies.  Many men are fans of this new system and even Gavin Henson receives treatments to maintain his smooth perfect pins!  Book your consultation & patch test now £20.

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