Guinot has developed a range of face and body products that combine science and nature to deliver unsurpassed results.

The retail products have been designed to work in synergy with the professional salon treatments for optimum results.

Guinot's expert skincare therapists will prescribe the best combination of products and treatments to suit each individual.


Whatever your skin type or skin concern, there is a Guinot face care product to suit you.

As correct skin type diagnosis is the key to a healthy complexion, it's important to seek expert advice from a qualified Guinot skincare therapist.

Visit your nearest salon for a complementary skincare consultation. You will be advised on the best products to suit you, taking into account the changing demands of your skin throughout the year.

Products Include:
Eyes, Neck, Lips & Hands
Cleansers, Toners & Exfoliators
Comfort (dry skin)
Tinted Moisturisers & Foundations

Please ask a therapist for more information






Guinot's body products deliver targeted results concentrating on cellulite, firming and toning as well as well-being and softness.

The range is designed to optimise the results of Guinot's machine-based and holistic salon body treatments and continue the beneficial effects at home.

Visit your nearest Guinot salon for professional body treatment and product advice tailored to you.

Products Include:
Firming & Toning
Well-Being & Softness

Please ask a therapist for more information





Très Homme
For Men

The Tres Homme Facial utilizes high grade skincare products formulated specifically for a man’s skin and lifestyle.  Intended to rid the skin of blackheads, ingrown hairs and roughness, the Tres Homme facial has been tremendously successful at treating the most common male skin conditions, and is appropriate to treat all skin types.

Products Include:
Eye Care
After Shave

Please ask a therapist for more information



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